United Way Day of Caring and The Shack



On May 5th, a small crew of USSE2 employees at our MGN site participated in the 25th Day of Caring sponsored by United Way. More than 350 volunteers from various organizations participated, working on more than 35 projects. Our crew, accompanied by a crew of Mylan volunteers, participated in grounds maintenance and indoor cleanup at a local organization called “The Shack.”


Aside from taking part in this wonderful activity, USSE2, working with United Way, has begun an ongoing partnership with The Shack in Morgantown. This historic non-profit agency has deep roots with the local community and provides a myriad of services. The Shack’s main focus is to provide a safe place for local families and children to learn, have fun, and be healthy. They provide after school programs and day care and even summer care just to name a few of their services. These programs are either free or scaled to the family’s income.


The Shack was for the community and built by the community. In the 1930s, coal was a rapidly growing industry in the area. As such, many miners flocked to the area. Needing a safe space for their children to learn and grow, the miners themselves founded the organization with their own funds. Today, it still harbors the same deep pride and sense of community to many locals.


One of the items that has stuck in the minds of so many, and one of the items they are very proud of, is their pool. USSE2 will be working with the Shack to create a new pump house for the organization. This will be a long term project, perhaps spanning months. We will be seeking volunteers as the project comes into fruition. The group seems very excited to work with us.

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