United Way – Day of Caring 2019

Click here to view a news post about the event and to see some of the volunteers!

Every year, the United Way Hosts a Day of Caring where hundreds of volunteers come out to help support local businesses and charities. This year, the United Way had almost 300 volunteers split between numerous group projects to help tackle some spring cleaning.

USSE2 participated, partnering with The Shack Neighborhood House.  Volunteers painted signs, tended garden and flower beds, spread gravel, and so much more! It is our privilege to be able to give back to the community, especially to an organization that has touched so many lives.

The Shack, one of USSE2’s ongoing outreach project, participates in the Day of Caring every year, and this year they had 20 volunteers helping to get the facility ready for summer’s upcoming activities!  School is almost out, and that means the building is about to be flooded with youths, ready to tackle their vacation, making this the perfect time for a cleanup activity!